Chapter One

In 2015, Katz’s Deli hosts Chiwan Choi for the composition, destruction, and collective reproduction of his third book.

Saturday, January 31st
Reading @ 8pm
Drop by early, hang out late

Katz’s Deli
2834 Colorado Avenue | Unit 35
Santa Monica, CA 90404
tel. 917.446.8539

Chiwan Choi is the author of The Flood and Abductions. He is also a partner at Writ Large Press. In 2015, he will write a book and lose it.

Extending the Katz’s Deli micro-residency structure over the course of one year, Chiwan will write a chapter every other month, which he will present in various sites across Los Angeles County. Upon reading, each chapter must be destroyed and no textual or auditory documentation retained. In place of the original manuscripts, Katz’s Deli is contracted to gather and construct a text composed of witness testimony from each event, resulting in a new communal manuscript. By connecting the production, destruction, and reproduction of a book to months of the year and areas of Los Angeles, Chiwan Choi and Katz’s Deli ask, what would it be to spatialize a manuscript, both geographically and socially?

All readings/performances will be held in publicly accessible locations and announced on a rolling basis. The project culminates with a brunch-event to be held in December of 2015.


Katz’s Deli is a micro-residency and discussion based exhibition program led by Amanda Katz out of her Los Angeles studio. Invited artists write contracts with Katz’s Deli to delineate the needs of their project and explore the limits of collaborative practice. As a site to realize and discuss temporary projects, programming is focused on installation, performance, and participatory works.

Each iteration culminates in a Saturday brunch opening, and attendees are asked to bring a text for exchange with one another and inclusion in the Katz’s Deli Archive. For more information and proposals, email