Ghostmakers is an exercise in losing and remembering.

We explore what it is to remember, relive, recreate, and retell a story.

And the gravity of losing it again.

Chiwan Choi will write and share chapters of his new book in six installments. After reading each chapter he will publicly destroy his only copy of the work.

When the story ends, what remains?

We, the audience, will join together to mourn the loss, to collectively save what has disappeared, and to create our own memories.  We will document our collective experience of Ghostmakers, both the profound and trivial, in pictures, statuses, recorded conversations, new writing, and video confessionals. While the initial documentation will occur at the Ghostmakers events, we invite you to add to the re-creation through the comments section, by emailing us at writlargepress@gmail.com, or by posting with #ghostmakers.

When we patch together our collected reflections, conversations, and creations, what ghosts do we make of our memories? 

At the end of the year, once the story has been created and destroyed, we will examine what remains. We will shape these multi-media remnants into a story, or a ghost of a story, that will endure.

A collaboration between Chiwan Choi, Katz’s Deli, Judeth Oden Choi and Writ Large Press, a new collective book that we generate as we experience the destruction of another.



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